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Article by Greg Li

If you are looking for information on Reiki teachers, it probably means that you are either looking for a Reiki teacher or intending to become a one (or both). So let me address each possibility one at a time. Reiki Teachers

Firstly, if you are looking for a Reiki teacher, what would you do? Reiki teachers are those who have attained the title of Reiki Master (which is what they are known as). These people have undergone all levels of Reiki training successfully and are eligible to initiate others into the practice of Reiki. Coming under the tutelage of aReiki Master can either be done by joining his class (which most likely is in a Reiki school) or engaging him to train you personally. Either case, here are some of the things to look for when considering whichReiki Master to appoint as your tutor.

The Reiki Master must be one who is suitably qualified and currently practicing Reiki. Ask him to show you his certificate. His certificate should state a level of 3B or say that the holder is aReiki Master Teacher. Anyone with some basic Reiki knowledge can pose as a Reiki Master, so it’s important to ask for certification. Furthermore, it is important that the Reiki Master be an ongoing practitioner so ask him whether he regularly practices Reiki himself.

Make sure you are comfortable with the Reiki Master’s class. Visit the school if possible before signing up. Look at the environment. Ask if it is possible for you to sit into one of his classes. If that is not possible, at least ask theReiki Master about how he conducts his classes. The Reiki method of training involves teaching and attunement, which is the act of transferring the ability to channel Reiki energy from Master to student. Some Reiki Masters give hands-on practice to students so that they gain more confidence in using the Reiki techniques. Some only give an attunement after teaching. It is better to learn under a system that involves hands-on training.Reiki Healers

Evaluate the compatibility between yourself and the Reiki Master. Do you both share the same views or convictions on Reiki? Are there conflicts between your religious beliefs? Reiki depends a lot on your personal beliefs thus if what the Reiki Master teaches goes against your own personal convictions, then it would be hard for any attunement to take place.

Finally, ask for referrals from previous students. A Reiki Master with a good track record is worth learning under.

Now if you intend to become a Reiki Master Teacher yourself, the requirements are that you successfully undergo the complete Reiki course. The final level is the one where you are trained to attain Master status. Some schools have more stringent requirements than others when it comes to this more advanced level, so choose one which suits you. In some schools you may be required to complete an apprenticeship or stay in the school’s boarding facilities. Others may require you to detoxify your body or deny yourself certain things like entertainment or rich foods.

An alternative to enrolling into a school would be to take up an online course on Reiki. There are advantages to this such as flexibility of time, learning from home and continual updates and tips after the course has ended. Reiki Masters

Whether you choose to enroll into a class or take up a course online, your first step in becoming a Reiki Master is to get trained in Reiki.

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