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Ballroom Dancing – The Rumba

Article by Acharya

Ballroom Dancing – The Rumba – Health

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Unlike all the other ballroom dances, the Rumba emphasizes ones body movements more than their footwork. The rhythm of the dance, which is emphasized by any sort of percussion, drums, pots, maracas, etc., is more essential to the dance than the tune itself. The fascinating rhythms and mesmerizing physique movements of this dance make it one of many more standard ballroom dances. The Rumba was influenced by the Spanish and Africans with a lot of the development of the dance happening in Cuba. The Rumba developed in nineteenth century Havana, originating with the African Negro slaves who had been imported. The rural Rumba was initially for exhibition quite than participation. In some reference works the Rumba is alleged to be a pantomime of the movements of barnyard animals with the regular level shoulders depicting the movements of slaves as they carried heavy burdens. However, most take a look at the Rumba as a dance of love and sensuality with the lady tempting the person along with her charms, teasing then withdrawing. Some go a step farther saying the dance is a pantomime of sex with the person dancing very quick in a very sensual yet aggressive method with vastly exaggerated hip movements, and the woman responding with a defensive attitude. Whichever is appropriate, the Rumba is essentially the most sensual of all of the Latin ballroom dances.

Son, Danzon, Guagira, Guaracha and Naningo are all names for the Rumba. The Son, which is a slower more refined Rumba was a favourite among the many middle class Cubans. The rich part of Cuban society most popular the Danzon, which is an even slower Rumba using very small steps and extra subtle hip movements.

The modified version of the Rumba known as the Son was introduced to Americans in 1913. Within the late 1920′s Xavier Cugat shaped an orchestra specializing in Latin American Music which actually didn’t develop a following until around 1929. By the end of the last decade Xavier had one of the best Latin American orchestra of his day.

Monsieur Pierre Lavelle, a London dance trainer, and his associate Doris Lavelle were responsible for bringing and popularizing the Rumba and different Latin American dances to Europe. In 1955 with the assistance of Pierre and Lavelle the Cuban Rumba was finally named as the officially acknowledged version of the Rumba.

During ballroom dance competitions the judges can be looking ahead to the following:* Interaction between the partners – this can be a dance of affection, a portrayal of romance. This is not the time for solemn, passive expressions* A robust direct walk* A lot of gradual physique shapes – the body NEVER stops altering its shape* Determine eight hip rolls – hips alternating in a ahead motion* NEVER leading with the heel, keep on the balls of the ft* The Cucaracha step – you must rock to the suitable or left then substitute and close* The fan position – the lady positioned to the man’s left facet, at arms length and at a 90

Peru Opened My Eyes To Release My Fears

Article by Simone Kelly-Brown

Peru Opened My Eyes To Release My Fears – Self Help – Motivational

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In August I spent nearly TWO weeks in Peru and I didn’t feel homesick not for even one minute! Truth be told I could have stayed a month. I felt so free and happy being in nature and learning so much about the Incas and the history of the Andes. The Healing Journey and Spiritual Quest was hosted by my friend and one of my teachers, Dr. M.

We stayed in over six hotels and went to several cities such as Lima, Cusco, Ollantaytambo, and of course one of the 7 Wonders of the World-Machu Picchu just to name a few! Some of my favorite times was when we traveled to a peaceful rain forest on two-hour hike to our cabin. We also walked through a pitch black cave to face our fears, and lastly when I participated in a Andean Baptism that represented being reborn at this beautiful water fall! (Water was ICE COLD though ~shivers~)I enjoyed my temporary family for the time I was there and I can honestly say I feel they are part of my NEW extended family. The people we were with truly care about their culture, their history, and have so much passion in sharing their knowledge and they truly took care of us! The deep discussions on relationships, gratitude, the cosmos, leadership, service to others, self healing, and honoring mother earth I will never forget.My typical idea of a vacation was usually to be on a beach somewhere to totally veg out with a frozen drink in my hand and an umbrella in it. However, this experience I can’t stop talking about or thinking about. I wish I could explain it all in one blog post, but it’s impossible. The trip opened my eyes to so many things about the world and most importantly, myself and my mission. The focus was on liberation, being reborn, and self -healing.Puma and Don Victor, The small group of women I traveled with couldn’t do it alone! Our guide and teacher was Don Victor Estrada, one of the most respected Shamans in Peru! He was assisted by Puma, our fun-loving and charming translator was also a Shaman (wise beyond his years) who taught us many things as well. My favorite message that he would tell us all was, “Remember who you are. You are a master.” I loved that line! That will give anyone a big head. Haha!We also had a posse of men who assisted us to all of the excursions such as Miguel (another translator), Marco, Paul and Edgar our drivers, Humberto, Roberto, Master Albert, and many more. I truly enjoyed getting to know them while working on my Spanish.? They took us on a spiritual quest to really dig deep and honor our TRUE MISSION in life. Each day built on the next and we were shown highly spiritual locations of the Incas and the Pre-Incas. Some days I truly felt like I was in a scene out of Indian Jones since we were climbing, hiking, holding onto ropes and I KID YOU NOT…escaping death beneath us! But like I said, we had a posse of guys who knew the terrain and protected us every step of the way so that we felt safe at all times.The biggest confirmation for me is just how much the world’s cultures and religions are so similar. When people heard that I would be with a Shaman, many thought of a man wearing a hook in his nose and a leather loin cloth! Not so, Don Victor and Puma were regular dudes? They were just full of a deep level of understanding of the mental, spiritual, and physical worlds. They were true healers who took us on various journeys and ceremonies to heal deep wounds of our past.Since I’ve returned home, I’ve been inspired to research more Native cultures and learn more about various forms of spirituality. I was also urged by Don Victor and Puma to expand my healing gifts and help others by learning more techniques in addition to Reiki and my various forms of (Business, Life coaching and Intuitive coaching). They saw great things I could do for others if I just release my fears. In the last few years, I’ve been exposed to many new “Light Worker” friends with various backgrounds and religions so I think I might be more open minded than a few. However, I still harbored my fears about “strange” looking altars or rituals that popular culture might deem as Voodoo, Evil, Magic, etc… I was amazed to see so many different things from other religions embraced by my new Peruvian teachers. From healing techniques to various rituals, I kept saying to myself…”Wow, that’s just like that other religion that I know…”My biggest wake-up call is when we entered into Don Victor’s altar room. Sometimes an altar for a shamanic ceremony includes special sacred objects that may be ancient artistic treasures. Other times it may be just a few natural objects such as stones, cocoa leaves, and flowers, that are returned to nature after the ceremony.I noticed some things that I’ve seen on many other altars from other religions…from Native American, African, Spanish, and Asian Cultures. He also had photos of ancestors, living family members, etc. I saw a photo of Jesus and was shocked since I didn’t hear them talking about being Christian.So I said, “I didn’t know you guys believed in Jesus too!”Puma answered me with a smile, “Oh, yes, that is Master Jesus. We are all one. Nothing is separate.” He said matter-of- factly.You hear that ladies and gentlemen? Nothing is separate. I loved to hear that, since I honestly feel that a lot of wars we have are for proving whose religion is right or better. I don’t want to get preachy, but it’s something I think needs to be shared and as much as many say religion is a NO, NO topic to discuss in public, I say, you can always stop reading. ~Ouch~ Peru made me sassier, eh? LOL

The thing that always astounded me is the fear that is pumped into many of us as we grow up. The fire and brimstone you-will-rot-in-hell-fear, you know what I mean? Why are we sometimes taught to become religious robots programmed with what others want us to know, to run from our greatness, our intuition, our curiosity? So many of us are afraid to challenge our minds to seek, experience and learn on our own. We do things because our mom said, our pastor said, the Bible said, the Torah said, the Koran said, the Lotus Sutra said, the Priest said, the Rabbi said…(Oh, I can go on, but you get my drift!) I feel having a spiritual connection is EXTREMELY important, but go with what works for YOUR spirit. Use your mind and yes, if you can borrow bits and pieces from other cultures and just embrace them all…do so!This trip to Peru helped me liberate many of my fears and to talk about and do things that I have been holding back for some time in fear of what people might say or think. In fear of being judged. However, I’m ready to truly own my power …and I look forward to taking you along for the ride of the many enlightening surprises I have in store for you! Trust me there are many to come! ~Rubbing my hands together~Just know it’s okay to ask questions about your religion and beliefs. Remember, don’t be afraid for the REAL answers or judge someone else because they don’t agree with you. I notice many people who are so DEFENSIVE ABOUT WHAT’S RIGHT are so terrified to find out what they have been shouting from the mountain tops might be “WRONG.” Hey, I look at it this way…it’s not wrong it’s just different.”Nothing is separate”…wise words from Shaman Puma. Remember them! Open your mind and your heart and Own Your Power! I’m planning a return to Peru and hope some of you can join me.

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Certified Law of Attraction Master Life Coach & Holistic Business Coach, Simone Kelly Brown is the passionate visionary behind Own Your Power Communications. She encourages you to own your business and pursue a holistic lifestyle. Check her community out and connect with like-minds here:


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Simone Kelly-Brown

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