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Article by Tony Smith

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Parents often attend my Reiki courses so they can share Reiki with their children. The beauty of learning Reiki is that you can give Reiki treatments to family and friends following your Reiki 1 class.

Children usually love Reiki and will ask you for a little Reiki session if they know one is on offer. It has been the observation of many Reiki practitioners that children respond very quickly to Reiki treatments and the benefits they experience from Reiki are many.

Children are less inhibited and more accepting than most adults and they have a natural ability to let go and surrender during Reiki treatments. Parents often comment on how their children have immediate benefits following Reiki.

Practical Tips for sharing Reiki with your Children

If you have completed a Reiki course and you wish to offer your child some Reiki, there are simple tips to help you on your way.

Remember that children have their own little schedules and priorities with playtime and games etc. They also have a different perspective on time to us adults. Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of Reiki can go a long way with children.

You can easily incorporate Reiki into the day of your child without making it seem like a formal Reiki treatment. For example you could gently place your hands on your child’s head or shoulders when they are watching TV and give them a few minutes of Reiki.

They will probably comment on how nice it feels, or the warm feeling from your hands. On occasions they will ask you to continue when you take your hands away.

You could also give your child some Reiki last thing at night when they are lying down in bed. Some parents place one hand gently on the stomach of their child while reading them a bed time story with the other hand. This tends to have a very soothing effect.

Using Reiki on Hyperactive Children

Parents have reported that sometimes the best time to give Reiki to a child challenged with hyperactivity is when the child is asleep. You can even beam the energy towards the child, rather than touching the child directly. In such cases have your hands a few inches away from the child.

If your child starts to move or wriggle in their sleep as you are giving them Reiki, I would encourage you to cease the Reiki treatment. Such movement is commonly an indication that the child has enough or does not desire Reiki energy. If you continue, your child just might wake up from the sleep state.

Reiki has been received well by children challenged with Autism and learning difficulties

Reiki has been used by parents and practitioners on children with learning difficulties and children challenged with Autism. The results have been very encouraging. Most parents comment on the calming effect it has on the child and how it helps ease the tension in the home environment.

Always approach the child from a position where they are comfortable with you. If the child does not like being touched, you can beam the energy instead.

Sharing Reiki with your Baby

Babies have their own ups and downs and there are times when they are glad of some Reiki. Teething is a great example of when Reiki healing can come in handy. I am not saying that it will ease the pain totally, but it can take the edge of it. Hold the baby like you normally do, and with one hand, beam the energy towards the area where the teething is taking place.

The same strategy applies for ear aches. Just beam the Reiki energy with one hand toward the effected ear, while you hold your child with the other hand.

Colic is another challenge that has been eased with Reiki. Rub your babies back and stomach like you normally do. However, stop every now and again and allow the Reiki healing energy to flow out your hands to your baby.

If your baby starts to move and wriggle as you give them Reiki, it means they do not want energy healing at that moment. This is their way of saying no thank you.

We must always respect the wishes of our babies and children when it comes to whether they wish to accept Reiki energy healing or not.

Teaching Children Reiki

Children can easily use Reiki on themselves once taught what to do. I facilitate short Reiki classes and courses for children a few times a year.

For more information on Reiki courses visit The Healing Pages

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