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Full Blown Anxiety Panic Attack – Is There Any Quick Fix?

Article by Marcia Gallik

Full Blown Anxiety Panic Attack – Is There Any Quick Fix? – Health – Mental Health

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So you’re in the middle of your crisis: your full blown anxiety panic attack. And you have no idea what to do to lessen it.

To put your mind to ease, there are a few things you can do when you’re in the middle of you emotional storm. Nothing is long lasting, for that you need a proper cure, however for a quick fix, they’ll do.

* Deep Breathing Exercises – they work wonders, at least for me. They release tension from the body and clear the mind, improving both physical and mental wellness. * Find a happy place in your mind and go there. You can start doing this right now. No need to wait for that full blown anxiety panic attack. Practice going to your quite, happy place, where nothing can touch you, so when the panic attack is actually there, you can easily slip through the door. You’ll have your attack wondering where you are, and leave you be! * Reiki – and by that I mean listen to Reiki soothing music. You have a wide variety of choices here. What works for me particularly is Llewellyn, Aeoliah, and a couple of others. Just google them, or go to Amazon, and type ‘reiki music’. This music takes you to a calm place. Forget about all the crazy stuff you’ve heard about ‘New Age’, this has nothing to do with it. It’s simply calming, relaxing music, and what you need, to remain calm in the face of the storm. * Splash some cold water on your face. It works for me * Drink chamomile tea. Amazing how much a cup of chamomile tea can help

So if you’re in ‘deep’ here, these are some things you can do for a Full blown panic attack quick fix.panic attack quick fix.

About the Author

I have suffered from anxiety panic attacks for years, and this is what finally cured me…

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Marcia Gallik

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