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Article by Ramon Thomas

Clea Rand Connect Scam – Spirituality

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You’re a sensitive soul who craves more clarity and connection to Spirit.

You know that the clearer and more aligned with Spirit you are-the more connected you are to your guides and angels-the better your life will work.

You’ve read the latest spiritual books, taken workshops, worked with healers, and repeated affirmations. You’ve experienced moments of spiritual opening where you’ve caught a glimpse of what is truly possible for you.

These experiences opened you to new possibilities for your life.

Since then, more than anything, you want your finances, your career, your relationships, your health-your whole life-to reflect your spiritual potential. So you get to work trying to “make it happen” –you visualize, you take more workshops, you read another spiritual book, and repeat affirmations until you are blue in the face.

With all the spiritual stuff you’re doing you’d think you’d have more to show for it, but your day-to-day life really seems pretty much the same. Let’s face it, you’re frustrated.

You start wondering if what you are desiring is even possible.

Take heart. It is possible.

If you are ready to stop spinning your spiritual wheels and start moving forward into a life that reflects your Divine connection, you are in the right place. We can’t promise that everything will change overnight, but we can help you move forward.

First listen to “Out With the Old, In With the New” a powerful 74-minute audio recording we’ve designed to help you, and read the accompanying handout. This full-length teleconference was originally recorded for members of our site. In addition, you will receive a few very valuable emails a month with tips on getting clear and increasing your connection to Spirit.

For years, I have spent my time researching healing work, receiving healing certifications in many forms of traditional hands-on healing and angel work, and practicing what I learn on myself.

In a very real sense, I got into the business professionally because I myself was so in need of the deep spiritual power energy healing and clearing work can have.

From my early days of Reiki training, I have refined my intuitive skills to be able to do the same work I could with hands-on healing-but do it with my voice, working with teams of angels and ascended masters, and the creative power of Pure Spirit, often with large groups of people in a teleconference setting.

Over the past decade I have created many healing CDs and DVDs, taught workshops about angels and certifications in various forms of energy healing, and facilitating group energy clearing and healing sessions-the latter I do mostly over the phone or over the internet.

I have worked with people on a spiritual path from more than 12 countries and helped many of them to feel lighter, get unstuck, and live more in tune with their spiritual connection-and just have more enjoyment out of walking their spiritual path.

The reason I’ve put this site together and I’m creating new material for it daily goes beyond a simple career choice: my passion is taking my years of experience and my love of spiritual clearing and healing, and putting in into one place where I can share it with anyone with a heart and an internet connection-whenever you need to connect to the work, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

I feel so amazed when I get emails from people from all over the world, telling us how this work has touched them, and how much better they feel in the course of their day, because they’re just feeling clearer, lighter, and more connected to their angels and guides.

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Ramon Thomas

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