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The Benefits of Reiki From a Reiki Master

Article by Jensen Parker

The Benefits of Reiki From a Reiki Master – Education

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Suffering from various illnesses or even just when feeling a little sad, these things have been attributed to some form of negative or bad energy. And many have tried to get better and felt better after having some form of spiritual therapy. One of these methods is Reiki. Reiki originates from Japan in the 1900s. The term Reiki means Universal Life Force energy. The person who developed on Reiki is a Japanese Monk, Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr. Mikao Usui developed Reiki after studying the Tibetan Lotus Sutras.

In Reiki, it is believed that life force flows in the body through the different pathways: nadis, chakras, and meridians. The life force also flows outside of the body. It is manifested through the aura, a field of energy that radiates around the body. It is this life force that keeps us alive. And any disruption in this life force may cause physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disabilities.

Reiki can heal by allowing the energy to flow through the affected parts. Reiki energy clears the pathways, as well as strengthens and heals these paths to allow the life force to flow continually and naturally. Taking Rieki classes will truly be beneficial as you can practice it on yourself or on others.

Rieki classes, which cost around $ 350, are mainly composed of two modules, Reiki I and Reiki II. In these two modules, the Reiki hand positions are taught, as well as the various Japanese Reiki techniques of Dr. Mikao Usui. These techniques include the Gassho meditation, the Reiji-ho (developing ones intuition), the Byosen Scanning (detecting where Reiki must be applied), the Gyoshi ho (sending Reiki energy through the eyes), the Koki ho (sending Reiki through breath), the Kenyoku (dry bathing or clearing up ones energy field), and the Jacki -kiri Joka-ho (clearing up negative energy from objects). Reiki students are also taught how to use Reiki for specific conditions and healing unwanted habits. The Hayashi Healing Guide and Reiki II symbols are also taught.

People taking Rieki classes are not only taught how to use Rieki on themselves but also on other people. Reiki can also be used to heal people in a distance. It may be across the city or country or even from different continents.

Rieki classes are a combination of lecture, discussion, and practice. During practice time, students get to feel how it is to give and receive Reiki treatments using the different hand positions and the different techniques and methods of Reiki. It is also expected that students will practice outside of the class.

Advanced Rieki classes are also offered, costing $ 275. This advanced training is a one-day intensive including The Usui Master Attunement (increasing the strength of one’s Reiki energy), The Usui Master Symbol (increasing the effectiveness of Reiki II symbols), Reiki meditation (strengthening the mind and expanding the consciousness), the use of crystals and stones, and Reiki psychic surgery. Under the advanced training, students will learn advanced techniques for using Reiki. Students also learn how to make Reiki grids for continuously sending Reiki to oneself and others after charging it. A guided meditation introduces the student to one’s Reiki guides for healing and information. At the end of the training course, an exercise is given to those who intend to take Reiki III and become Reiki Masters.

About the Author

Donna Bonino is a Reiki Master Practitioner with almost 20 years of experience providing reiki Downers Grove. She currently provides Reiki services in Lisle, Naperville, and Downers Grove. She also does wonderful Feng Shui floral arrangements. Call her today for all of your local feng shui Lisle needs.

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Jensen Parker

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