Reiki Japan

The Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is the Japanese form of meditation technique that was popularized in Japan in the early 20th Century. The Reiki technique is completely dependent on the Energy that is available in this universe. Reiki is based on the principle of Chi, which means universal energy.

Reiki is a relaxation technique that is very similar to yoga and meditation techniques that originated from India. In this technique, the person giving the treatment will place their hands on various points of the person’s body who is receiving the treatment.  When placing their hands the person giving the Reiki Treatment passes some energy to the person receiving the treatment. This is very much similar to acupuncture in which the practitioners use a needle to activate energy points in the body. The person receiving the treatment will actually feel tingling sensations at certain points where the person giving the treatment touches with their hand.

The people receiving the treatment will often get to experience three important things.

The first thing that they will experience is deep relaxation. The person’s mind will completely become at peace after nearly half an hour of this treatment. At this stage the person can actually feel their breathing process very intensely inside them. The next thing the person feels is the extreme heat that gets generated at the points where the Reiki specialist touches. This extreme heat is nothing but energy that is being released from the certain blocked points in the body. While the heating process continues, the person’s mind continues to be in a silent state and sometimes some people may even go into sleep. Such is the relaxation effect of this Reiki treatment. The third thing the user experiences is the presence of colors in front of their eyes. While they continue to receive the treatment, they often see some rainbow-like colors in front of their eyes.

After receiving the treatment, the person feels completely calm and will be in a relaxed frame of mind. Once they get into this relaxed frame of mind, they can think with more clarity and act correctly in response to various situations. Another important benefit is their positive outlook. The person begins to have a positive outlook on the various aspects of life. They will be able to handle pressure situations better than ever before. Stressful situations will not bother them and they will be able to handle those situations with a calm mentality.

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