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A Guide to Reiki

Derived from the Japanese word Rei which means “God’s wisdom”, and Ki which means “life energy,” Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique.  In addition to being a method of reducing stress and inducing relaxation, Reiki is also considered to be a technique to promote healing. Founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, the Reiki system is a system of natural healing. It is based on the principal that all people have an unseen life force energy that flows through them. Simple and safe, Reiki is a natural way of spiritual healing and self-improvement that is administered by the “laying on of hands.”


Reiki treatments are holistic in nature. They treat the entire person including the body, the mind, the emotions, and the spirit. People who receive Reiki treatments often describe them as providing a radiance flowing through them in addition to feelings of relaxation, comfort, peace, wellbeing, and security.


Furthermore, many people believe that the practice of Reiki will have a beneficial effect on virtually all illnesses.

Some individuals who have received Reiki treatments have even reported miraculous results from the treatment.


Although Reiki is founded in spirituality, it is not a religion. There is no dogma or creed associated with Reiki in which proponents must believe or to which they must comply. Proponents of Reiki contend that Reiki will work regardless of whether the person receiving the treatment believes in it or not.


Nevertheless, living and acting so as to promote harmony with others is an important concept in Reiki. Proponents of Reiki generally hold to the principal that making a conscious decision to pursue self-improvement is necessary to healing the spirit through the Reiki healing process.

In this way, the person receiving the Reiki treatment is assuming responsibility for being healed and is an active participant in the healing process.


Reiki is a well-known and world-renowned system. Adherents to the Reiki system live in many nations. Furthermore, Reiki classes are taught in many parts of the world. These classes, however, are not structured in the way most types of classes are typically structured. Instead, the ability to use Reiki is transferred by the Reiki master to the student during a lesson given by the Reiki master during a Reiki class. This attunement enables the student to access an infinite supply of “life force energy” that improves both an individual’s physical health and quality of life.


Even in the absence of the need for physical healing, Reiki is a technique that promotes relaxation and reduces stress for those who practice it.


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