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Does Reiki Therapy work on Sceptics following Reiki Treatments

Reiki therapy is often remarked upon for the benefits sceptics receive following Reiki treatments.

Reiki energy is not driven by conscious thought. It is directed by the deeper mind, the subconscious aspect of a person.

When you breathe or when your heart beats, are you thinking about it? Are you controlling these important functions with your conscious mind? It is ironic perhaps that most adults assume we need to be thinking in order for things to happen. Yet, when it comes to important matters like breathing and blood flow, a part of our nervous system operating below conscious thought is in control.

During Reiki treatments, the practitioner is like a conduit through which the Reiki energy flows. This energy is not the practitioner’s personal energy.Reiki practitioners have been taught how to facilitate the flow of free energy which surrounds all life.

In essence Reiki practitioners are just vessels for this energy.

When the Reiki practitioner places their hands on the client’s body, the client is now in receipt of the energy. It flows exactly where it need to flow, being directed by the subconscious mind of the client. The flow of Reiki energy and where it goes is not directed by the practitioner.

Reiki works on unconscious patients who are not consciously aware. Reiki has also been used in operating rooms during surgery, when patients are under the influence of anaesthesia.

Reiki was used in the operating room of the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City. The New York Times magazine reported about the use of Reiki during open-heart surgeries and heart transplantations performed by Dr. Mehmet Oz. None of the 11 heart patients treated with Reiki by Reiki Master Julie Motz experienced the usual postoperative depression, the bypass patients had no postoperative pain or leg weakness; and the transplant patients experienced no organ rejection.

Reiki also works effectively on animals who have no conscious belief system about Reiki. They appear to have a deep understanding about what healing energy can do for them.

When a person attends a Reiki treatment it is understandable that there may be doubts about the effectiveness of Reiki and some sceptical thoughts regarding potential results. The good news is that a client can be sceptical and report benefits afterwards. A deep acceptance for change or a healing is what enhances the Reiki session.

Likewise, a person who states consciously that they believe in Reiki, may be the very person who on a deeper level has a resistance to change. This resistance will inhibit the effectiveness of a Reiki treatment as Reiki energy always flows according to the deep acceptance levels of the client.

In my own personal experience of giving Reiki treatments, I can say that people always get from Reiki energy what they need in the moment. We all have free will and Reiki moves according to its unique rhythm.

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