I Knew the Law of Attraction Worked, Had Seen It In Action, But Still Seemed To Struggle

“The Law of Attraction Success Seemed Out Of Reach Until I Found a Solution, And It Was As Easy As Putting On Headphones!”

Remember the incredible excitement you felt when you first heard about the Law of Attraction? Maybe the first time you saw the movie “The Secret,” or maybe even hearing about it for the first time on Oprah? I saw the movie, and for me, so much of it rang so true, I just knew it was real. Did it resonate with you somehow?

Everyone at work was talking about it, but naturally, many were skeptical, many were downright haughty in their contempt for anyone who even entertained the possibility that the Law of Attraction could be real. Like it or not, this had a negative effect.

You know The Law of Attraction states that you will attract what you think about. And if you’re like me, you probably tend to think about the things you DON’T want, which, of course, brings exactly what you don’t want into your life.

By focusing on what we do not want, we give energy to it. When we give energy to something, we tend to get more of that something. And I could not seem to get past the negative thinking. I sabotaged myself by letting the doubts and negativity of others creep into my thoughts.

Perhaps you’ve even done this yourself. I would try to use the law of attraction, for example, to improve my financial situation. I would get off to a good start, doing my visualizations, seeing myself as having what I want.

But then, the doubts would start to worm their way in. “What am I doing” “Does this really work?” “I’m wasting my time.” You know those doubts. And the law…

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