Men also wear CHANEL!

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Men also wear CHANEL! – Business – Business Ideas

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Chen Liangtu ( Hugo Chan ), 60′s students creative media. On things like from the intimate contact, from the brand operation to star building, has for a number of well-known journal watch column. The” manager of the world” and” luxuries. Life” magazine deputy publisher.

At one’s leisure, friends are talking about financial crisis on business, the impact of life. We are not underestimated the power of it, but don’t feel the need to special fear. They are said to be” calm”, it is best not to bide time, spending money on unnecessary luxury. If you want to luxury, also want to play, not showing off, can satisfy your heart addiction.

I think, to be a low-key luxury, is better to buy their own love watch. At this point, I’m a collector friend most agreed. He said, usually wear a suit, coat sleeves are usually watch coverage, but between the behavior, or will let people see wearing watches. This is a low-key luxury, is vague sense of satisfaction.

Luxuries of life”.” recent readers consumer survey also clearly told me, the next year, 83% are senior managers will buy a lovely wrist watch, 50% will spend at least $ 50000 to buy luxury watch! In their mind, a good table but the status symbol, is also a kind of luxury. This form must be quality, must cause endowment, must tell the position. Seem to be, buy luxury watch it, not at all affected by the financial turmoil.

CHANEL wrist watch is a women-only

One of my friends said to me, he likes CHANEL J12 Calibre 3125. Note, that he is a man.In our concept, CHANEL is a woman’s patents, men with CHANEL will a little be misfits? Once some people said, the life of a woman must have a CHANEL fashion, accessories and jewelry, the reason is that CHANEL represents the female ‘s top style. From Coco Chanel to Jacques Helleu to Karl Lagerfeld from No.5 to COCO; CRISTALLE; from 2.55 quilted bag to double C markers to black and white, CHANEL in more than first Century years traces left many beautiful. CHANEL led the trend of female, it is the symbol of the woman liberation, is the charm of women ‘s totem. Even in 1987, when CHANEL finally produced its first watch Premiere, its design is inspired from a No.5 cap, black and white colors, Paris Fang Deng square shape, with the female small wrist. Premiere the first gold chain table was cocoa. Chanel was invited to Hollywood for the generation of actress Greta Garbo did design. After the chocolate Chocolat, socialite Mademoiselle are feminine design, suitable only for a Audrey Hepburn that Reiki woman. The wrist of a little rough, to wear the CHANEL wrist watch is not worthy of.

Until 2000, by the artistic director Jacques Helleu design J12 appears, to break the CHANEL wrist watch is a women-only image. J12 is taking the neutral line, is used for both men and women ‘s movement, is a classic design style and the most advanced ceramic technology optimum combination. Look magazine ads, not necessarily can feel J12 charm, only seen a real table person, can feel its elegant style. This table in Basel exhibition, I put a J12 Tourbillon is put in the palm, feel is unbelievable: CHANEL tourbillon! Absolute is the brand, technology and design the perfect combination.

J12 Superleggera I love most

Someone asked me, why the J12? In fact, I do not know. It is because the J12 is an international regatta history gathered numerous glory sailboat, anyway, is to highlight the CHANEL motion image. Of course, J12 is an easy to remember name. Unlike other brand, a string of French, that do not know is which one.

The first generation of J12, only black ( 2003, white ) in 2002 to join the COSC Observatory attestation movement, with 200 meters waterproof function, ceramic material can prevent the impact to scratch, and today ‘s new generation of J12, the J12 is still not outdated. By 2002, J12 launched a formal men’s table and timepiece, the same year also launched a lady like round diamond watch. In 2005, J12 Tourbillon Mens Watch has finally arrived. A man wearing a CHANEL watch the boom also began to appear, especially when set with 605 diamonds J12 Haute Joaillerie Mens Watch appeared in 2006, J12 magic more sublimated. The same year the launch of the J12 Superleggera, is J12 series I love the most. Superleggera is a supercar, pay attention to as slim as a swallow. It is designed to the bold use of stainless steel high-tech aluminum alloy material, using 41mm large surface design, very masculine but also a particular light.

Let the woman peeking into the are you wearing CHANEL!

To this year, J12 strive for further improvement, from only for fashionable attractions, with Audemars Piguet ( Audemars Piquet, referred to as AP ), launched by most critics as table actually enter the class J12 Calibre 3125.

Improvement of Calibre 3125 from Calibre 3120, especially for J12. Calibre 3120 is AP top series movement, especially for J12 AP changed chain machine and design, is no longer a gold and steel, but with mirror polished ceramic and 22K rhodium plated gold; bypass using the Cot keyword de Geneve corrugated carving, bearing on the non functional surface gold-plated and carving, pointer chamfer, edge and bevel by diamond grinding and polishing machine core gear, also in gold-plated Seiko polishing, small gear was also a grade AP polishing process; movement itself has a double wheel bypass, due to balance both sides of the bridge are also mounted on the core board, met violent impact can also maintain a balance accuracy; eight weights, so that a large wheel with change of moment of inertia, without changing the length of the hairspring, can regulate the speed rate table … … Calibre 3125 in black and gold for the design of tone, 42mm surface, and can pivot table at the end, appreciate the mechanical operation, is absolutely J12 the most outstanding works.

In fact, AP and Vacheron Constantin, Patek Phillipe is recognized as the world’s three largest watchmaker, more worthy of praise is, AP has the most complex table invention records, in 1986 had made was the world’s smallest tourbillon table. Therefore, AP top movement like the CHANEL brand plus crown, let J12 bloom more bright light.

Previously, we write watch column in Hongkong a few friends, do not think that CHANEL is a wrist watch brand, now, we agree that CHANEL was man enough. There is no CHANEL watch collection, is certainly a little bit. A collector of my friend said, if a woman spy he wears is CHANEL, it can attract her!

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